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March 24, 2018 is your chance to make a difference!

If you know about a crime, an act of corruption, a public health threat, an environmental danger or any other type of problem, you can report the information to one of partner organizations.

Our international network of lawyers, investigators, journalists and anti-corruption experts will review your report and work with you to achieve corrective action and justice. Our highly respected partners use the most secure technologies available to protect your identity.

March 24, 2018 is also the day we celebrate whistleblowers!

Countless lives and billions of dollars have been saved worldwide thanks to these courageous men and women. The time has come for all whistleblowers to benefit from the rights and recognition they deserve.

Whistleblowers are the true guardians of truth and justice in our society, our communities and our workplaces. They are regular citizens, regular workers, regular people who take matters into their own hands to expose secretive acts of crime and corruption.

Thanks to whistleblowers...

  • Our food, water and air are cleaner
  • Children, the elderly and other vulnerable people are better cared for
  • Cars, trains and airplanes are safer
  • Governments and political parties are more transparent
  • Corporations are more accountable to regulators and the public
  • Criminals are more likely to face justice and compensate their victims

You can be a part of the solution. You can be a whistleblower.

Visit one of our partner organizations below to find out how!